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on 29/03/2015 16:33
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Club > From The President

This week was marked by the preparation of the presentation for the AGM. Of course the annual report 2014, but also look forward to the budget for 2015/16 and the corresponding contribution level. The association is financially strong and based on this, the Board decided not to increase the fee. This proposal was confirmed by the AGM on 27 March. Of course, the same level of effort must be put into to it in order to keep the income level and even increase it.

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on 29/03/2015 10:26
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Club > From The President

Dear members 

During the AGM last Friday, the 27th of March, it was confirmed by the audit commission's report that the club is in good shape financially. With the exception of the club house, the entire infrastructure is sound too. 

We can therefore conclude that the financial and infrastructure goals that the club had set itself 5 years ago have been succesfully completed. 

New challenges are ahead of us such as keeping the sponsor income at the current level, creating growth and generating further income from the infrastructure.

The board feels that these new challenges, which require different skills sets, should be met by new people. The tennis manager, treasurer and catering manager have therefore resigned but will remain available until 1 September 2015. The positions secretary and infra manager are vacant. We need new faces, fresh blood for all these positions. To facilitate an easy transition the president and hockey manager are prepared to stay on to support the new board for a short period (1 season max).

The following positions are vacant with immediate effect:

  • Catering manager
  • Tennis manager
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Infra manager VZW
  • President

The present board expects to have paved the way for a new, younger board and that members will pick up the challenge and take up the vacant positions. 

On behalf of the board of HTC Oranje International

Iemke Kuijper


on 30/03/2015 12:30
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on 23/03/2015 23:05
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Tennis > Coaching

Vanaf 22 april 2015 komt Jorn Verbrugge, zoon van onze hoofdtrainer Frank, als assistent trainer van Frank, onze gelederen versterken.

Jorn zal bepaalde lessen van Frank gaan overnemen waardoor Frank tijd krijgt om andere tenniszaken binnen HTC Oranje International mee in te vullen. Jorn heeft een tennisopleiding gevolgd en heeft al enkele jaren ervaring. Frank blijft onze hoofdtrainer en ook de enige contactpersoon voor de lessen en de stages. De verdeling van de lessen tussen Frank en Jorn zal Frank te zijner tijd communiceren via de website van Oranje.

Wij kijken uit naar de komst van Jorn en wensen Frank en Jorn heel veel succes met deze nieuwe samenwerking. Wanneer u vragen heeft dan kunt u zich altijd richten tot Frank of de tennismanger Marielle Otten.

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on 29/01/2012 21:26
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Home > Serre Duty

Dear members,

As you may have noticed, the tennis members can have their drinks in De Serre now, together with the hockey players. Instead of a seperate tennis bar duty we now have a schedule with tennis and hockey players.

Just now that all tennis events are known as well, I was able to complete the bar schedule until the end of June. Please check whether your name is there! You will receive a reminder well in advance with more information about your duty.

Your help behind the bar and in the kitchen is much needed and appreciated! You can find the schedule under 'read more'.

A big thank you in advance and enjoy!

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on 23/03/2015 18:11
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Club > From The President

Slightly later than usual, but it was a busy week and weekend. Friday night the game of U19 boys, which they won with 5-2. Congratulations on this result.

On Saturday it was a coming and going of teams and playing hockey was fun. Parking in our parking lot for some a bit problematic. How can you put a car well clamped between two cars, I wonder, but it is happening several times.

Saturday afternoon, I had a look at girls U-19, which had to play in Turnhout at Taxandria. The girls, without a coach, set the match 4-2 in their favour. The team and especially the quality of the keeper impressed the referee. Several members of Taxandria mentioned what a cozy club HTC Orange is and how nice the Orange clubhouse now is.

In the past week there are 700 plants put in the ground. A laurel windbreak was placed at the tennis and the playground. The tennis park was redesigned and equipped with additional plants. In addition, the front around the waterhole plants were put in place. I would like to thank the donors of these plants without their contribution it would not look so nice.

The calculation for drilling a well is positive. The return on investment is very attractive. Therefore, the HSR has ordered to drill a well in order to irrigate the semi-water turf.

The two main goals of the water turf will always remain in their spot. Four other goals are less deep and lighter and can be used to divide the field into small fields.

A fence encloses the semi water field, in order to prevent that without supervision and spraying it will be played at. Yet we regularly notice young members playing at the water turf without supervision. Entering is done; by climbing over the leunhek and jump down. This is very risky, if something happens; there is no adult present to assist. Both the VZW and the HSR disclaim any liability when illegally entering the water space is done. In addition, extra wear and tear is caused when the turf is played without irrigation, especially around the goal areas. Finally, on the sand court a ball can be played without supervision.  

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on 21/03/2015 11:26
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on 21/03/2015 11:14
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on 21/03/2015 11:00
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Events > Tournaments

on 15/03/2015 17:26
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Club > From The President

Despite the cold weather there were many hockey games at our club instead, and with varying degrees of success. Some Oranje teams were biting in the dust and had to restrain their tears. Other Oranje teams were biting the opponent in the dust. It was also nice to see that Oranje members were not only encourage their own team. The U19 boys had almost a "wave" rehearsed to encourage U19 girls. Even sometimes when you are a veterans you have to bite into the dust. The opponent got away with winning this game. A black page was written by the Veterans, but may white pages will follow ....... (Free to Bredero, very old Dutch Writer).

For all teams their goalkeepers are very special and important

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